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db* CODECOP Validators

db* CODECOP supports custom validators. A validator must implement the PLSQLCopValidator Java interface and has to be a direct or indirect descendant of the PLSQLValidator class. Such a class can be used in the command line utility and the SQL Developer extension.

For SonarQube a ValidationConfig is required. A config defines the validator with its rules and quality profile for SonarQube. See GLPValidatorConfig. The referenced XML files are generated based on the validator and the optional sample guidelines.

You may use these validators as is or amend/extend them to suit your needs.

Provided Validators

The db* CODECOP Validators project provides the following custom validators in the package com.trivadis.tvdcc.validators:

Class Description
TrivadisPlsqlNaming Checks Naming Conventions of the Trivadis PL/SQL & SQL Coding Guidelines
GLP Checks naming of global and local variables and parameters
SQLInjection Looks for SQL injection vulnerabilities, e.g. unasserted parameters in dynamic SQL
Hint Looks for unknown hints and invalid table references
OverrideTrivadisGuidelines Extends TrivadisGuidelines3 and overrides check for G-1050.
TrivadisGuidelines3Plus Combines the validators TrivadisPlsqlNaming, SQLInjection and OverrideTrivadisGuidelines.