Tool Support


Trivadis offers a cost-free extension to ORACLE SQL Developer to test compliance with this coding guideline. The extension may be parameterized to your preferred set of rules and allows checking this set against a program unit.

Setting the preferences

Preferences in PL/SQL Cop for SQL Developer

There is an include list as well as an exclude list to define which rules to be checked or ignored.

Activate PLSQL Cop using context menu

Check context menu option in PL/SQL Cop for SQL Developer

The result of the ckecking process is a list of violations with direct links to the place in the code as well as software metrics like:

  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Halstead volume
  • Maintainability Index
  • Number of lines of code
  • Number of comment lines
  • Issue Overview

This statistics are gathered for each program unit in the reviewed code.

Software metrics

Report in PL/SQL Cop for SQL Developer